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Harvard Product Essay

Harvard Product Essay

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Education. The state-recognized practice-integrated education (PIA) is aimed mostly at applicants and applicants who have currently to bring specialist experiences and over 18 years old. The recording is decided by the school certificate as well as a job interview.

Which access specifications are there for PIA instruction?

For admission to the PIA coaching at our social education for social pedagogy, it’s essential to be over 18 years old in the starting of school. You may need either Abitur or Fachhochschulreife or even a medium educational degree plus no less than two years, completed […]

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Uni vs. FH: Where greater to study

Earlier it had been plainly separated?. The FH was practical and tailored to your economic climate, research-oriented university and theorielastig

For those who think in, you’d need a higher school nevertheless, at only extends the technical school or vocational training. FHs caught to get a very long time the prejudice of an educational institution […]

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